Lots of fun at Stamp & Scrapbook Expo in Pomona

Our fun weekend at the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo in Pomona. Here are our Instagram posts for the weekend:   Here we are having fun with all our friends at the Stamp & Scrapbook expo. Learning to decorate with @planalotwithpamelot Raffling off some planners. Check out her gorgeous designs! Can you tell by my face…

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Pocket Malden in Stone Setup and Review – My journey into pocket rings

First of all let me say, that I’m not new to the world of paper planning. I’ve been using some form of paper planner for the majority of my adult life. I started off my ring bound planner journey with a personal sized Filofax Original and I haven’t looked back since. As a mama to…

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How I use a pocket size Filofax stone Malden as a Wallet!

If you are at all familiar with the planner world, then you’ve probably heard of the Filofax Malden. It’s a planner made with a leather that’s as durable as it is beautiful, and when the Stone gray color was released, I absolutely fell in love with it! I ordered my pocket size Malden from The…

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