Filofax Notebook

Benefits to a Filofax Notebook You May Not Realize

Have you been thinking about getting a Filofax notebook to become more organized but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Does it feel like there really aren’t any benefits to writing something down by hand as opposed to typing it into your phone? Those are perfectly reasonable concerns. However, there are many reasons that Filofax and their organizers are celebrating their Centennial: they work. A recent article in “Psychology Today” showed multiple “reasons writing things down on paper still reigns supreme.” 

It Really May Make Scheduling Easier 

You might read that heading and think: “OK, that sounds impossible. I can schedule so much in my phone in a very brief period of time.” However, a recent study in Japan randomly divided participants into a “Note” group, a digital “Tablet” group, and a digital “Phone” group. What did the study find? “Participants who used a paper datebook filled in the calendar within about 11 minutes. Tablet users took 14 minutes and smartphone users took about 16 minutes.” Additionally, they found that “accuracy was much higher for the Note group.” Filofax products aren’t going anywhere. 

A Notebook Can Help Your Memory 

Again, this heading may seem unlikely at best: “why would it help my memory to have a notebook when I can just write down everything I need in my phone?” Well, the studies found that “writing by hand is associated with stronger neural encoding and memory retrieval.” Indeed, the findings of the study “suggest that the act of physically writing things down on paper is associated with more robust brain activation in multiple areas and better memory recall. So, when you’re taking notes, it makes a lot more sense to take those notes on paper than it does to take those notes on your phone. 

“More Accurate and Have Personalized Flairs” 

Indeed, that’s another finding. The article actually says: “#1 Tip: Use Paper Notebooks for Information You Need to Learn or Memorize.” That could be everything from your class notes to your schedule, the directions to the event, or just about anything else. The authors of the study went on to postulate that: “the complex, spatial and tactile information associated with writing by hand on physical paper is likely what leads to improved memory.” To simplify, writing by hand makes it easier to remember things, period. 

Where You Can Find a Filofax Notebook for Your Needs 

If you go back and look towards the beginning of this article, they actually say “handwriting your weekly schedule in a Filofax-like appointment book may seem archaic.” The truth is that there’s nothing “archaic” about it at all. Indeed, it’s what you do if you’re serious about getting organized, and want to do so in as much style as possible. To that end, you can find a Filofax organizer to fit your life at our site. Should you have any questions about these organizers or would like to know which would be best for you, don’t hesitate to reach out at (818) 850-9658.