The LAMY Swift: A Standout Even Among Lamy Pens 

For more than 53 years, LAMY pens have set the standard for exactly what a pen can be. Far beyond simply something to write with, LAMY pens are genuine writing instruments. Specifically designed for complete functionality, their aesthetic has never gone out of style. There are many different kinds of LAMY pens to choose from at our site. The LAMY Swift is in a class all by itself, even when compared to other pens from LAMY. 

Simple, Light Durability 

You might be wondering “what makes this pen so special?” Firstly, it’s made of a durable, strong aluminum. Perhaps you’ve had pens that you’ve dropped or stepped on, only to find them subsequently inoperable. That won’t happen with the Swift. This aluminum will allow it to last for a long time to come. However, even though it’s very durable, it’s never heavy. Utterly lightweight, it will fit and feel natural in your hand. 

Combining the Best of Other Pens  

We understand that some favor fountain pens over ballpoint pens or vice versa. What makes this rollerball pen unique is that it combines some of the best attributes of fountain and ballpoint pens. You’ll get the beautiful, one of a kind typeface that only comes from a fountain pen. By that same token, you’ll also get that smooth, easy operation that’s characteristic of a ballpoint pen. All of this comes in anodized dark purple metallic with a palladium finish. This is a pen that looks as great as it is easy to use. 

No Cap, No Ceiling 

If you look at this pen, the first thing you notice might be that it doesn’t have a cap. The truth is that it doesn’t need one. Instead, you can simply push a button and this pen will be ready to be used. You don’t have to worry about taking the cap off, putting it back on, getting pen marks where you don’t want them to be, and so forth. This is just one more way that the form of this pen makes the function that much easier.  

Smooth, Clean, Comfortable Writing 

Have you ever used a pen to write only to find that the clip gets in the way? Even if you aren’t conscious of it, a clip can keep you from feeling 100% comfortable as you write. For maximum comfort and ease in writing, the clip on this pen can be retracted and the rollerball extended. Of course, once you’re done writing, the clip can be raised and the rollerball retracts. That way, you can clip this pen into your pocket or anything else. 

Multiple Kinds of LAMY Pens 

The Swift is just one of many different kinds of LAMY pens that you’ll find at our site. Studio Fountain Pens, Safari Pens, Al-Star Pens, and more – they’re all at our site. If you go through our catalog, you can find a LAMY pen to fit your exact needs and dreams. For more, you can call us at (818) 850-9658.