Get the Very Best From Your Writing with LAMY Pens

Do you feel like whenever you need a pen, you don’t have one around? Are you tired of buying cheap pens that don’t last? Those are just some of the reasons that we offer LAMY pens. These pens set the standard for what a pen should be. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pen to compliment your Filofax organizer, you need a pen you can count on, or you’re looking for a great gift, we have the pens for you. 


More than Fifty Years of Excellence 


The “LAMY 2000” pen may sound like it was made not all that long ago, but the truth is that pen was released in 1966. That pen really was the foundation for all of the different kinds of pens that LAMY would produce after. Today, LAMY has a pen that fits practically any kind of situation. Colors, styles, and more – there’s a pen here that’s exactly right for your needs. 


Durable and Stylish 


At our site, we note that the “Safari” pen from LAMY has won awards. One look and it’s easy to see why. This pen is made out of a strong ABS plastic. If you drop it, accidentally step on it, or something similar, it’s probably going to work just as well. The flexible, shiny chrome clip means that you can put it in your diary, your organizer, or anywhere else, and pick up exactly where you left off. Of course, the LAMY characteristic front section shows off the style of the pen. There are very few pens that send a message about a person. This is one of them. 


Advanced Technology 


It might seem odd to think of “technological advancements” in pens, but LAMY has always been at the forefront of what a pen can be and do. An example of this: the LAMY Pico Ballpoint Pen. Have you ever tried to put a pen in your pocket, only for it to fall out, or worse, break? This pen was specifically designed to fit in your pocket. However, unlike other pocket pens (which tend to be small and contain very little ink) this pen easily and neatly expands to a full-grown ballpoint pen. LAMY’s sophisticated push mechanism ensures that this will work again and again. When you know you’re going to need a pen, this is one that you can have on your person at all times. 


LAMY Pens for You 


As of this writing, at our site, there are fifty different results under “LAMY.” While some of these aren’t pens, they are refills for those pens. If you go through our site, you’ll see so many different kinds of pens. There’s one that can fit your needs as well as those of your team and others. We’re always getting new products in, too, so you’ll want to check that often. Should you need something to write on, we have plenty of great Filofax products and others as well. Write differently by checking out our site or calling (818) 850-9658