The LAMY Pico: Perfect in Your Pocket

There are good pens, and then there are LAMY pens. Established in Germany, they combine high-quality modern designs with a timeless experience. One particular LAMY pen we’d like to highlight today: the LAMY Pico. This particular pen brings style and elegance, yes, but you can feel comfortable using them anywhere. When you want a pen but not just any pen will do, LAMY provides a writing experience on a higher level. 

“Surprisingly Practical” 

That’s the way that LAMY describes this pen on their site and it makes sense. Superbly crafted, this pen absolutely seems like the kind of instrument that would only be used for special occasions. However, what makes it so unique is that it’s, well, small, and handy. You can fit this pen into any pocket or any organizer. So, this pen is perfect for writing checks, signing declarations, or just doodling during a free moment of daydreaming. This is a state of the art pen that can be used for anything. 

A True Expansion 

While this pen can be “small and handy,” it can actually transform into a full-grown ballpoint pen. With a sophisticated push mechanism, this pen can easily become what you expect a ballpoint pen to be with just a flick of the rest. Then, with just as easy and simple a gesture, the pen can become small again for easy transportation. This is all due to the complex mechanism at work inside the pen. The apex of German design, this is a pen that can stand the test of time. 


Powerful Pen with a Color to Match 

Rose Gold. Neon Lime. Laser Orange. White. Chrome. Imperial Blue. Black. Those are some of the colors that this pen can come in. As you can see, those are quite a few different options for you to choose from. That means there’s absolutely a color of this pen to fit your aesthetic. Some days, a black pen is best, on others, a Laser Orange will stand out like nothing else. Some pens are just pens. Other pens are the kinds of writing instruments that people notice. These are the latter. 

A Special Leather Case for Your LAMY Pico 

For many, carrying a pen like this is something that they could do in their pocket yet, they don’t want to. That’s why we offer a special deal where you’ll get this Rose Gold pen and leather case. The pen will fit snugly in there so that you don’t have to worry about the sanctity of the pen. We see it as one more way that we can help folks to get the most out of their writing implements. 


More Pens from LAMY 

While we’re fond of the Pico, there are many other kinds of pens available from LAMY. If you go to our site, you’ll see that we have a complete collection of their pens. There are always more deals and discounts available as well. For more information, you can call (818) 850-9658.