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LAMY Pens Lx: Luxury Defined

Writing should be pleasurable. It should be something you enjoy, that you can lose yourself in. That should be true whether you’re writing your next novel, your next grocery shopping list, or anything in between. To truly “lose yourself” in writing something, however, you need the correct pen. If it doesn’t feel right in your hand, if it doesn’t release ink properly, or even if it’s not all that pleasurable to look at, the last thing you’re going to do is lose yourself in what you’re writing. We have many great LAMY pens. One of the most popular, for many reasons, is the Lx.  


A Modern Look that Shines 


A pen can be more than something you write with. It makes a statement. Specifically, it can make a statement about your life and how you want to live it. Any pen can make a mark on a piece of paper, only some pens can make a mark on your life. The Lx is the latter, a writing instrument that brings a luxurious element into your daily life. Whether it’s a lasting first impression or a comfortable writing implement you can use for hours on end, the Lx gets the job done. 


As Strong as It is Striking 


Just because something is beautiful that does not mean it’s fragile. The Lx is a fine example of this. Made from anodised aluminum, this pen can stand the test of time. For added strength and durability, the clip is metal. Additionally, the details are plated with precious metal, too. While we’re always glad to have customers buy multiple pens, when someone gets this pen, they don’t need another for a long time. To make it last even longer, they come in a tube as well. So, you’ll be able to store this pen safely and securely whenever you aren’t using it. 


Different Kinds of Lx


While we’re quite proud to offer the “rose gold” version of the Lx, there are many other versions of the Lx, too. There’s a fountain version, a ballpoint one, and a rollerball option as well. So, no matter how you enjoy pens, you’ll be able to find an Lx to fit that. Furthermore, you can choose a nib in Extra Fine, Fine, or Medium options as well. Of course, no matter what nib you choose, there are plenty of ways to refill the ink, too, so that you can enjoy your pen for years to come. 



LAMY Pens for Your Life 


There aren’t many authorized LAMY distributors in the Los Angeles area. So, to make sure that we stand out all the more, we offer many different LAMY pens. For one, if you’re intrigued by the Lx but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, it’s similar to the Al-Star model. There are plenty of others as well. We understand that these pens are an investment. If you’d like some guidance and advice about the right pen for your needs, we’re glad to show you our catalog at our site or talk at (818) 850-9658.