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2020 has been rough on just about everyone, but have you felt particularly disorganized? Does it seem like no matter how hard you tried, there was just no way to get things together? If so, you’re not alone in that. As busy as our lives are (even if we’re spending much more time around our homes) it can be practically impossible to keep track of everything. Those are just some of the reasons that folks turn to Filofax organizers. They can help you (or someone in your life) to get organized and stay that way – all while maintaining a style that fits you. 


filofax organizer

Designs that Build on What Works 

These organizers were specifically designed to be better than what you can find elsewhere. To accomplish that, the designers looked at what worked in the past and then built upon it. A great example of that is the Clipbook notebook. Abound book has a number of limitations. The Clipbook, on the other hand, has all of its benefits with none of its downsides. Take special note of how the rings are to the top-left of the cover, and not on the side. The leather-look cover comes in any number of colors so that you can stay organized while looking on-point, too. 

Filofax Finsbury Forest Green Leather Organizer A5 Size – 025446

Stay Organized All Year Long 

Many of us make a New Year’s resolution to be more organized. Then, by the time February rolls around (or even late January) we’ve either given up or forgotten about it. We offer organizers that make it much easier to stay organized, in part due to features like a 12-month diary. A great example of this is the Finsbury organizer. You’ll find there’s a whole week on two pages (giving you plenty of writing room) in the 12-month diary. So, you can stay organized throughout the year. Of course, that’s not all that this organizer offers: multiple pockets, different colors of paper, and more. You can truly make this organizer your own. 

Filofax Organizer

Modern Functionality and Classic Style

The color of this particular organizer is described as “Cognac.” That’s appropriate on multiple levels. One, it looks just like the drink, and two, it has the kind of stately, old-world nature that one would associate with such a classic drink. That comes from the luxury, full-grain buffalo leather that has a light but distinctive oiled and burnished finish. Once you open this organizer, of course, you’ll have everything that today’s organizers offer. 

Filofax organizer

Beyond Filofax Organizers This Holiday Season 

Some of our organizers are described as “classic and luxurious.” Of course, that’s what just about any organizer feels like. These make for perfect gifts, particularly if you’re looking to get yourself something you’re really going to use during this holiday season. During a time of rebirth and renewal, an organizer can be an elegant, stylish way to give you or someone you care about a fresh start. For more, visit our site or call (818) 850-9658.