Filofax planner

Celebrate 100 Years of a Legend: the Filofax Planner Centennial Collection

For more than 100 years now, Filofax has been creating planners that help people to not just organize their lives, but enrich them. Keeping track of what’s important in your life has been an important function of every Filofax planner since the very beginning. That said, Filofax has already made sure that every planner had its own unique style and design as well. In honor of their centennial, they’ve released a limited edition Centennial Collection. These include one of a kind colors and designs on Filofax classics and more. 

Filofax planner

The Original Filofax Planner: A5, Personal, and Pocket 

As part of the Centennial Collection, Filofax has released a special version of the Original. It comes in three separate sizes: A5, Personal, and Pocket. That means that you’ll be able to fit (quite literally) any version of the Original from the Centennial Collection into your life. Of course, each of these have all of the functionality and use that you would expect from a Filofax Original: the any year perpetual diary, ruler/page marker, card pockets, and more. The “Original,” perhaps as much as any Filofax organizer, helped make Filofax what it became today. This is a new version of something that has truly stood the test of time. 

Colors that Were Worth Waiting a Hundred Years for 

You might ask: “OK, Filofax has made some incredible organizers over the years. But, what makes the ones in the Centennial Collection stand out from the rest?” One reason in particular: truly unique colors. “Sky” truly evokes the feeling of looking up on a sunny, cloudless day. “Blush” may be a lighter color, but it’s truly eye-catching, something that can complement so many fashion aesthetics. The “Charcoal” color is as bold and official as can be. Filofax has always offered so many color and design options that there was always something for everyone, and the Centennial Collection is no exception. 

Rollerball Pens and More 

There’s more to the Centennial Collection than just the pens themselves. Additionally, there are rollerball pens, as well. Just like the planners, they come in the colors of Blush, Charcoal, and Sky. If you found the Original Pocket too big, there’s an “Original Keyring” as well. Lastly, planning stickers from the collection are one more way that Filofax makes it possible for you to organize your life in the manner in which you see fit. 

Beyond the Centennial Collection 

The Centennial Collection is truly a once in a lifetime event, a commemorative milestone and tribute to Filofax’s success. That said, it’s far from all that they’re going to release this year, and but a small portion of what we offer at The Write Touch LA. In addition to the rollerball pens here, for example, we also have an extensive line of LAMY pens, each more innovative than the last. To see everything that made Filofax the force it has been over the last century, our catalog is here. For more: (818) 850-9658.