Be Creative! Watch this Classic Filofax planner Setup video

How exciting you own a new planner! Watch this Filofax planner setup video. 

orange organizer

Don’t know what to do after you open it up? Here are some great tips to start your planner setup.

 A few things we suggest you have ready when you start your planner setup is a nice writing utensil and the current calendar. Most important you’ll need a breakdown of what you want to include in your planner like your budget, your monthly or yearly goals or whatever else you want to file. Last you should have a scheduled day or hour so your planning can be consistent.

In the following video our friend Dia lays out how she setup her Youtube planner. She uses this organizer to plan out the creation of her famous Youtube videos.

If your interested in this planner, it’s a leather Filofax Original Organizer in Burnt Orange Personal Size.  Shop here



Happy Planning!

Thanks for this fantastic video and photos Dia Meraz!