Why I use a Filofax as my business binder – Malden A5 by Dia Meraz

Just look at this beauty! If you have to reach for a notebook everyday, why not make it a gorgeous one?

For the past few years I have been using a regular three ring binder to organize my photography business. I constantly switch them out, always on the search for a system that will inspire me to enjoy my work more. I have a love for genuine leather and I am a very tactile person, so I thought I would give my Malden a try. It has now been my go to business planner for the past year, and I will never go back to a boring three ring binder. And the size…the A5 is perfect for my business because I can easily fit it into my camera bag or my purse…and of course, it’s fashionable.

Since I am a photographer, I thought the best way to give you a peak into my Filofax would be through pictures!

The leather strap on the Malden is perfect because it keeps any loose papers I might have from slipping out. It’s also a decent length, allowing me to stuff this baby when I need to.

The inside cover is great! It has a few card pockets and a zipper pouch too. The perfect place to keep some business cards and sticky notes. It also has a pouch large enough to slip any large papers into. And why not add a doughnut paperclip to make it even cuter?

One of the great things about Filofax planners, is that there is a whole community of people, making dividers, inserts and many other items to personalize your planner. I made these dividers myself, with some scrapbook paper I had laying around. The prettiness helps spark my creativity, and of course, having labeled dividers makes it easier to find what I need.

The first section I have is dedicated to my affirmations. This is the first thing I open up to in the morning, when I settle in at my desk with a warm cup of coffee.

Next is my calendar. I find this size calendar to be perfect, not too little and not too large. And of course I found someone to make me a calendar that looks clean and simple.


Then I have a mileage log.

Here is my client section. This is where I jot down notes for new portrait sessions. I mostly shoot weddings though, so most of the time I print up a work order from my computer, hole punch it, and slip into this section.

A convenient thing to carry with me is my cost of goods and pricing sheets. With these, I have the ability to personalize a package on the spot.

Lastly, is a compact notepad tucked away in the back pocket. I always jot down notes when I’m meeting with a potential client.

And what fun would writing in a planner be without having a beautiful pen to go with it? This is my Lamy Al-Star. It is one of my favorite fountain pens because it is available in Extra Fine (EF), and it’s extremely light weight.

So, why do I use a Filofax to keep my business on track? It’s stylish, functional and highly adaptable.

 Thanks for these fantastic photos and article Dia Meraz!
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