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The Experts Agree: a Filofax Personal Organizer is a Cut Above

Are you looking to organize your life but want something you can rely on? Does it feel like, if you’re going to invest in an organizer, you want to go with something you can trust and not something that could potentially let you down? An organizer, a notebook, is an investment. It’s not the kind of thing that people tend to buy all that often. So, it’s all the more imperative to go with one that you know is going to do what you need it to do. Earlier in 2021, the New York Times reviewed organizers and notebooks. It was no surprise to us that they recommended the Filofax personal organizer.  

What the New York Times Said About the Filofax Personal Organizer

In an article about “our favorite paper planners,” the New York Times said: “we recommend Filofax’s the Original Organizer (still made by the English company that made the high-quality leather organizers iconic in the 1980s) if you want a high-quality refillable planner for businesses. The layouts are fairly simple (not filled with prompts or partitioned sections), they come with a good amount of writing space for each day, and the planner has plenty of plain paper in the back for notes and lists.” That’s as clear a description of the ways that one of our organizers from Filofax can help you today. 

A Cut Above the Competition 

You may have skimmed the above and thought: “OK, that’s great, but what planners did the New York Times really look at?” Well, they actually looked at “several other business planners in stores, including synthetic-leather versions of the Day-Timer and Day Runner plans, and (the New York Times) tested leather and synthetic-leather planners from Franklin, Levenger, and QuoVadis.” As ever, “the quality of the Filofax stood out – the leather looked and felt exceptional, and the stitching was neater. (The New York Times) also (thought) the Filofax planner’s look, layout, and color choices are much, much better.” We at The Write Touch agree. 

Filofax Today, Filofax Tomorrow 

Organizers from Filofax are, quite literally, designed to stand the test of time. So, it was gratifying to see that the reviewer was someone who has had and used a planner for multiple years (since 2016). Indeed, the review has been “throwing it in bags, spilling gel pens and college on it – and the leather remains durable, the stitching is still strong, and the planner is pretty easy to clean.” This is an organizer for the long haul. 

Pens for the Filofax and More 

Filofax personal

Of course, a Filofax organizer can’t organize itself. An organizer deserves a pen to match. That’s just one of the reasons that we offer the best in LAMY pens as well. These are a true “fit” for Filofax because these pens are made to the same level of craftsmanship as Filofax organizers. You can see our extensive catalog of both at our site. If you have any questions about what’s the right fit for you, you can reach us at (818) 850-9658. 

A Filofax Personal Organizer is one of the best ways to organize your life. For more: (818) 850-9658.