Paper vs. Tech

Apparently we are at war?

Countless articles pitch us, alongside other stationery brands, on the losing side of a territorial war, which technology will ultimately win.

Paper versus Tech; whoever decided that one cancels out the other? 

We all use digital devices, smartphones and tablets, but they haven’t pushed paper out of our lives, or rendered it obsolete.

We have watched over the decades as Filofax users create their own beautiful and very unique mix of everything they wanted and needed to hand.

And this has never stopped evolving.

If we, at Filofax, are fighting anything, then it’s a battle of perceptions.

We are not waging war, nor mounting some great defence against technology. We embrace it.

To the extent that we have launched the world’s largest tablet case collection.

Technology can connect you to the world at the touch of a button. But the act of writing and use of paper connects us to ourselves.

Technology is immediate and fast paced, but paper is intimate, personal and permanent and it has never stopped working.

It’s up to the individual to create their ideal collaboration between paper based and digital devices. What works for them.

The facts are that some things are great digital but many better physical, and there is plenty of room for both.

We make it for you to make it your own.

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