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Filofax: All that a Personal Organizer Can Be

“I understand wanting to be more organized, to be less all over the place. But, do I really need a Filofax personal organizer to do that?” The truth is that these organizers can be more than just a book, more than just a way to schedule your days and nights. In so many of these blogs, we discuss the benefits of one Filofax notebook or another. There are some folks we’ve talked to over the years that don’t realize everything that a Filofax can be, what it can really do. 

A Wonderful Personal Organizer Story 

If you have a moment, this article, “Rutland columnist Allan Grey discusses the wonders in his Dad’s Filofax” is very much worth your time. It is exactly what you might imagine. A man, a couple years after his father passed away, goes through his father’s Filofax. Inside it, he finds reminders of the man he loved as well as a deeper understanding of the parts of his father he didn’t know about previously. His father was “an accomplished engineer,” yet the author writes: “most surprising however, was evidence (in the Filofax) of (his father’s) love of poetry, of prose, and of humorous or philosophical quotations.” To put it bluntly, you’re not going to get that in Google Calendar. 

An Organizer and a Legacy 

Continuing with the article, the author writes “I regularly leaf through this wonderful memory of my Dad, and still I come across things I hadn’t noticed before.” inside the Filofax, his father made copious notes, keeping up to date with his schedule. However, he also included plenty of famous quotes from Abraham Lincoln, Harry S. Truman, George Bernard Shaw, Shakespeare, and others. It’s important to remember that your Filofax is what you want it to be. It doesn’t have to be just about your schedule, what you do each day. You can do that while also leaving something for future generations to remember you by, too. 

Filofax: Truly Elite 

Personal Organizer

You don’t have to get the organizer to get the Filofax experience. You can get all of that from a notebook as well. To that end, “Elite Daily” wrote up the “five best refillable notebooks.” It was no surprise to us that Filofax was absolutely towards the top. Indeed, as the author writes, “this Filofax spiral refillable notebook has the durability and organizational details the brand is known for.” We couldn’t agree more. 

Organizers and Pens to Match 

Personal Organizer

To write in these notebooks, of course, you need a great pen to match them. We understand that, which is why we offer many great LAMY pens as well. These pens are made to similar exacting specifications as the Filofax organizer. We understand that, if you’ve never bought an organizer before (or if it’s been a while) it can be quite daunting to find the right one. To that end, our professionals are more than happy to talk to you and figure out the right one for your needs. YOu can see our catalog at our site or call (818) 850-9658.